Morell Welding
Morell Welding Industries B.V. - Postbus 1340
2302 BH LEIDEN - The Netherlands
Morell Welding Industries SRL - Str. Domneasca 193
800172 Galati - Romania
Tel: +40 (0)236 306153 - Fax: +40 (0)236 306153
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Morell Industries is a supplier to the Romanian market of products in the fields of:

  • Flow technology, such as a wide range of both low and high pressure industrial hoses, hose couplings.
  • Hydraulics technology, such as hose assemblies, hydraulic systems and components.
  • Mechanical transmissions, such as V-belts, conveyor belts and chains.
Mechanical transmissions

Customers for these products can be found in the a wide variety of industries, such as: the chemical and petro-chemical, equipment and material manufacturers, mining and shipbuilding.

With regard to the abovementioned fields, Morell Industries represents two Dutch companies in the Romanian market, namely ERIKS BV and Flexion BV

Eriks BV
Flexion BV