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MORELL Outsourcing

Companies that wish to benefit from the attractive Romanian working climate can do this by means of outsourcing their production to Morell Outsourcing. Morell Outsourcing is experienced in starting up (within a short period of time), the production of electro-technical and/or small mechanical goods. We have the availability of well qualified personnel, well equipped production facilities and a good local network of suppliers. Furthermore, we are experienced with the related items of outsourcing of production to Romania, such as customs and fiscal and juridical issues.6


Outsourcing might be mainly interesting for the following types of activities:

  • Products of which uncomplicated labour is one of the few added values, such as assembly work.
  • Products of which labour embraces a substantial amount of the cost price of a particular product.

Summarised, Morell Outsourcing can help your company with:

  • Executing cost-efficient production activities of mechanical and electro-technical goods.
  • Local purchasing of parts
  • Transport from the production facilities to the ultimate destination (including documentation)