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CV 180 - 215 Compact

The CV 180 to 215 are compact machines for welding in light metal production facilities, car and locksmith workshops and other maintenance shops.

They are fitted with a high-power transformer having copper primary and secondary transformer windings. Furthermore they have a 2-rolls all-metal wire feeder, a high power motor for the wire feeder and a EURO connector for torch connection.

Their main advantages are their excellent welding properties, 10 steps voltage control, high power, high load factors and high reliability.


Power supply 50/60 HZ3 x 400 V
Welding current range30-190 A30-190 A30-190 A30-205 A
Duty cycle 100%90A100A120A140A
Duty cycle 60%120A130A150A160A
Duty cycle at max. L20%20%25%25%
Wire feeding speed1-20 m/min
Diameter of wire0,6-0,8 mm0,6-1,0 mm
Protection degreeIP21
Dimensions790 x 485 x 660 mm
Weight52 kg53 kg62 kg68 kg