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CV 360S/WS - 600WS

CV 360 S to 600 WS are the heaviest of Morell’s MIG/MAG machines with separate wirefeeders. They are very suitable for the intensive use in heavy metallic production and metallic assembly works, such as shipyards.

The machines are fitted with a high-power transformer with copper primary and secondary windings. It has a robust all-metal 4-rolls wire feeder, a high-power motor for the wire feeder and EURO connector for torch connection. There can be chosen out of several types of wirefeeders. The length of the extension package –the connection between power source and wirefeeder – can be made to the desired length. However a maximum length of 30 meters is recommended.

The “W” variant machines are provided with high-performance water-cooling of the heavy duty welding torch.

Main advantages of these heavy duty industrial welding machines are: their excellent welding capabilities, 40-steps voltage control, high power, high load factors and their high reliability.


CV360 S/360 WS460 S/460 WS600 WS
Power supply 50/60 HZ3 x 400 V
Protection25 A32 A63 A
Welding current range30-350 A50-450 A50-700 A
Duty cycle 100%260 A310 A480 A
Duty cycle 60%310 A430 A600 A
Duty cycle at max. L30%45%30%
Wire feeding speed1-20 m/min
Diameter of wire0,6-1,2 mm0,6-1,6 mm0,6-1,6 mm
Protection degreeIP21
Dimensions920 x 615 x 700 mm920 x 615 x 700 mm1060 x 690 x 965 mm
Weight131/137 kg167/173 kg230 kg