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Special Wire feeders and Water-cooling

  • WF 4-4 are wire feeder units for the use of wire spools up to 32 kg. This type of wire feeders has an independent power supply of 24, 110 or 230 Volt. These wire feeders can be used in combination with high current power sources. The wire feeder WF4-4 can be used with sources that have permanent voltage on the output terminals. The WF 4-4 wirefeeder is delivered with 'Complete' equipped machines.
  • WF 5-2 is an extension tool for connecting two extension packages. It is fitted with the PUSH-PULL system ensuring the welding wire to run smoothly to the torch.
  • C315 W is a light weight and compact water cooler. It is fitted with a main switch and pressure indication of the cooling water flow.


WFWF 4-2/4WF 5-2C315W
Power supply 50/60 HZ24/110/230 V24 V230 V
Protection6/4/0,7 A6 A6 A
Welding current range30-700 A30-700 A
Duty cycle 100%--Cooling power 850W
Duty cycle 60%--Water pressure 4 bar
Duty cycle at max. L---
Wire feeding speed1-20 m/min-
Diameter of wire0,6-2,8 mm0,6-1,2 mm-
Protection degreeIP21
Dimensions665 x 445 x 666 mm200 x 190 x 140 mm449 x 334 x 224 mm
Weight21 kg5,5 kg18 kg