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Standard - Processor - Synergic

Analogue type STANDARD easy and reliable control over all our CV (Constant Voltage MIG/MAG) machines. Adjustments are done by one potentiometer for the speed of wire feeding and two other potentiometers and a switch for the spot and pulse welding functions.

A Digital type PROCESSOR a simple solution for having control over all functions for MIG/MAG welding. Control and setting of the functions is done via one single potentiometer and two buttons. With its LOGIC function, setting the machine will become very easy. Machines with this function are supplied with a digital volt-ampere-meter and the last settings will be stored in their memory. It makes it easy to change settings of pre-gas and post-gas, SOFT START, burn back of the wire and spot and pulse welding. PROCESSOR also allows changing the settings for two and four-stroke function. The electronic regulation of the wire speed ensures constant feeding speed, even if the wire is shifting.

Digital type SYNERGIC significantly makes setting welding parameters easier. The operator sets up the program by easy entering the diameter of welding wire and the used protective gas. Then the welding voltage will be set by means of the switches. Now the SYNERGIC control unit automatically calculates the optimal parameters of the feeding speed of the welding wire. Control and adjustment of all functions is done by means of one single potentiometer and three buttons. Machines with this function are always delivered with digital Volt and Ampere meters. It makes it easy to control the settings of pre-gas and post-gas, SOFT START, burn back of wire and spot and pulse welding. After switching off the machine, the machine settings are stored in the control unit's memory.