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Wire feeders

Morell's wirefeeders are available in combination with Morell’s MIG/MAG power sources, but also on their own. The wirefeeders are compatible with most sources. By simply replacing the separate wirefeeder, your welding equipment will perform as being new.

The wirefeeders are of a robust and reliable design and are fully equipped.

  • WF 1-2 in particular is intended for connecting with small MIG/MAG sources up to 200A. It is extremely light weighted.
  • WF 2-2/4 in variant E, is small and has a plastic wire coil cover. It is reliable and light and has all necessary adjustable functions.
  • WF 2-2/4 in variant P, has an all-metal housing. Nevertheless, the wire feeder is small, reliable and light. However, it has a robust construction and therefore it can be perfectly used in heavy duty conditions.
  • WF 3-2/4W is our wire feeder with integrated high performance water cooler, which enables the application of water-cooled torches with high duty cycles.


WFWF 1-2WF2-2/4 P-EWF3-2/4
Power supply 50/60 HZ24 V24 V48 V
Protection6 A6 A6 A
Welding current range30-200 A30-700 A30-700 A
Duty cycle 100%---
Duty cycle 60%---
Duty cycle at max. L---
Wire feeding speed1-20 m/min
Diameter of wire0,6-1,6 mm
Protection degreeIP21
Dimensions225 x 420 x 148 mm666 x 350 x 460 mm665 x 445 x 556 mm
Weight7 kg19 kg34 kg