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IN 115 - 165

The welding inverters IN 115 to 165 are electronic welding power sources with FAST CONTROL. They have excellent welding properties, a robust construction, high power, a low weight and especially they are very reliable.

These machines are designed to provide high power stick and TIG welding for a favourable price. All machines are suitable to be remotely controlled via the connection on the front and a separately available remote control device.

The machines are fitted with following functions: HOT-START*, ARC-FORCE*, ANTI-STICK*. Furthermore they have a belt for easy carrying and a connection for remote control.


Power supply 50/60 HZ1 x 230 V
Protection16 A16 A20 A20 A
Welding current range10-115 A10-130 A10-140 A10-160 A
Duty cycle 100%95 A95 A95 A95 A
Duty cycle 60%115 A120 A120 A162 A
Duty cycle at max. L60%45%40%45%
Welding tension70 V70 V70 V70 V
Protection degreeIP 23 SIP 23 SIP 23 SIP 23 S
Dimensions350 x 143 x 245 mm
Weight5,6 kg5,6 kg5,6 kg5,7 kg