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IN 150LT - 190LT

IN 150LT to 190LT are electronic welding invertors with full digital control of all parameters for TIG welding. They are provided with the LIFT START function, which enables the formation of the welding arc by lifting up the electrode from the work piece.

These invertors have excellent welding properties for stick and TIG welding. All possible parameters for TIG welding can be changed; they have a robust construction, high power, a low weight and are highly reliable.

The digital control unit enables changing the following parameters: HOT-START, up and down slope, welding current, end current, second current, pre and post gas, the pulsing frequency (1 to 500Hz) and finally the 2- and 4-stroke function. It can be remotely controlled via the connection on the front and a separately available remote control device.

IN 190 LT

Power supply 50/60 HZ1 x 230 V
Protection16 A20 A20 A
Welding current range30-160 A10-160 A10-180 A
Duty cycle 100%95 A95 A 110 A
Duty cycle 60%120120 A150 A
Duty cycle at max. L45%45%45%
Welding tension85 V85 V95 V
Protection degreeIP 23 S
Dimensions330 x 120 x 215 mm
Weight6,1 kg6,2 kg6,7 kg