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IN 265

IN 265 is a welding inverter of the third generation. It is designed with usage of the IGTB technology and has FAST CONTROL. The machine has high load and power factors (250A and 60%), a low power consumption, but nevertheless it has excellent welding properties, small dimensions and is highly reliable. But, the main advantage remains its extremely low weight for a machine with these properties.

IN 265 is intended for the use in situations, where a very flexible but light machine is required. It is very suitable for both high power stick and TIG welding. It can be used for welding with electrodes of maximum 5mm in diameter. It can be remotely controlled via the connection on the front and a separately available remote control device.

Furthermore, they are fitted with the following functions: HOT-START, ARC-FORCE, ANTI-STICK.

IN 265

Power supply 50/60 HZ3 x 400 V
Protection16 A
Welding current range10-250 A
Duty cycle 100%210 A
Duty cycle 60%250
Duty cycle at max. L60%
Welding tension90 V
Protection degreeIP 22
Dimensions262 x 222 x 352 mm
Weight10,5 kg