Morell Welding
Morell Welding Industries B.V. - Postbus 1340
2302 BH LEIDEN - The Netherlands
Morell Welding Industries SRL - Str. Domneasca 193
800172 Galati - Romania
Tel: +40 (0)236 306153 - Fax: +40 (0)236 306153
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Morell Welding Industries specialised, dedicated and experienced service engineers are available for providing maintenance and repair services for all types and brands of welding and plasma cutting equipment. For optimally meeting your requirements we offer 3 types of service programs.

Repair on demand (corrective maintenance).

  • On location or, if necessary in our fully utilised workshop, we strive to repair all malfunctioning equipment within 24 hours. Therefore we permanently keep most common spare parts on stock. If required we provide replacing equipment.

Preventive maintenance

  • Enables to maintain your welding equipment on the moment it suits you best. It ensures a high reliability and optimal welding performance of your equipment. Furthermore preventive maintenance will help to keep maintenance and repair costs under control.

All-in service contract

  • Tailor made combination of preventive and corrective maintenance Fixed costs per machine per month (excl. spareparts) Free replacement equipment during maintenance.